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Building a Filtered Amplified Coketenna for ADS-B

Combine a proven, easy-to-do concept, the Coketanna discussed earlier, with the best performance RTL-SDR dongle for ADS-B and a filtered low-noise amplifier for great and affordable receive performance.

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Comment on Uniden Announce the SDS100: A Software Defined Handheld Scanner by Bendail Vam

You mean decode correct? Anyone “decrypting” any type of encrypted RFsignal would be doing it illegally – however decoding digital is fine.

RTL-SDR Discussion • Schematic for RTL-SDR V3

Hello...new here.

I just wondered if there was a schematic available for the RTL-SDR V3 module. I just bought one from Amazon (with the antennas and extras) and was curious. I can't seem to find anything on the website.



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Wideband Amplifier Low-noise LNA 0.01-4GHZ Broadband Module Signal Receiver AQO3 | eBay

Here's a great wideband LNA that I find very interesting. I have acquired 4 of them from China via eBay and will be putting them on several antennas (at the antenna). I like this because it is dirt cheap ($6.50 USD delivered here in the U.S.) and it uses an MMIC that I am familiar with - the SPF-5189Z made by RF Micro Devices (which is now part of Qorvo). The nf is about 0.5 at 800 Mhz and probably just a bit better on 2 meters and 432 Mhz. The nf at 1296 MHz should be about 0.77. I consider that darn good for $6! The circuit and the layout are the reference design from the manufacturer, so I have a fairly high level of confidence in it. I plan to test these in the lab and then put them on several antennas. If they work as expeced, I plan to make my own PCB using the same LNA layout but with the addition of bandpass filters and relays. I plan to make separate units for 2 meters, 432 Mhz, and 1296 Mhz - all using the same PCB. I expect this will greatly improve my RTL-SDR's performance - even without bandpass filters. It also means the type and length of coax between the dongle and the antenna will no longer matter, which is a good thing! Some of my broadband scanning/swl antennas are inside. For these, I will just mount the unit near the antenna and run 5 volt power directly to it. For my outdoor antennas, I will mount this unit in a weatherproof cast aluminum enclosure and power it via the coax. In both cases, I plan to switch to RG174 because it is so small, light, and invisible from a distance. I am very impressed by some of these really inexpensive board-level subsystems that I am getting from China. I cannot even buy the components for what I pay for the board fully fabbed, assembled, tested, and delivered. Amazing, really.

Wideband Amplifier Low-noise LNA 0.01-4GHZ Broadband Module Signal Receiver AQO3 | Consumer Electronics, Radio Communication, Ham, Amateur Radio | eBay!

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Cheap SDR HF mod (PCB maze)

Hi guys i need help i want to mod cheap sdr for recieving HF (160m,80m,40m bands) BUT i hav ebig problem i dont know which traces on PCB i must solder.
there are images of pcb from both sides.

EDIT: I discovered PIN1 of RTL2832U on better place now i need to know what or where is PROTECTIVE DIODE

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Comment on A High Performance RTL-SDR ADS-B Receiver Build Guide by Gordon

Any difficulties with heat dissipation?

Comment on Submit a Story/Contact by William

Question on SDR# – and I apologize for the remedial ask…
Does anyone know how to keep the dial locked on a frequency as I use the mouse to move the waterfall around to view other signals? I want to keep listening to the station I have selected while sniffing around for others.

Computer science student here, seeking opinions.

I've been having fun with sdr for about a year or so and being a computer science student with an upcoming end of semester project to do, I decided why not give back to my good friends of the r/rtlsdr community.

So, what is lacking in our niche? Anything you'd like to see as far as software goes that's either not on the market yet or is but lacking features?

What's the perfect of both worlds to you, as in what features from maybe two different softwares would you like to see integrated in one?

Clarification: Your ideas would go towards an opensource freeware project meaning no profit on my side.

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Comment on Uniden Announce the SDS100: A Software Defined Handheld Scanner by doug

For that price, it should decrypt. A certain chip manufacturer is definitely
holding scanner manufacturers ransom these days. Stick with the RTLs,
eventually we will work out/ work around any issues. Providing we will
be able to get cheap RTL’s in the future.

Troubleshooting Help • Re: Audio sample rate in SDR#

As far as I know; the audio-samplerate in SDR# should best match the audio-samplerate your computer's sound-card is running at.

I use a sound-card that runs at 48000 Hz, so in SDR# I use audio-samplerate 48000.

If your computer is set to run at a higher sample-rate, perhaps that's what SDR# wants to use?

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