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Off-Topic • Radio frequency that should be there but are not

So I'm new to the forum as i am a new owner of a RTL-SDR. My dongle and software is running on an alienware laptop with my dipole setup as a vertical configuration outside the home. Here's my problem, i live near the maneuver area of a military installation, and i know the common frequencies they use through range control, last I Know that they broadcasts over these freqs in the clear. MY problem is I get no signal in this frequency range but i know if i would as i can get the range employees when they use their truck radios at 150.750. Can the Sdr pick up frequencies 60.200 60.700 36.600 if they are using military radios in the clear?
Also i do not know if these are digital or analog signals.

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Сегодняшний пролёт Метеор-М, SDR Kintex-7 + UBX-40, HRPT. Максимальный угол элевации 30 градусов….

Сегодняшний пролёт Метеор-М, SDR Kintex-7 + UBX-40, HRPT. Максимальный угол элевации 30 градусов.

Troubleshooting Help • Re: noise on fm-station

Are you on WFM mode? 12,000 sounds like NFM mode. For broadcast FM you want WFM.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • RFI shielded computer case

Hello, Does anyone know of any manufacturer that makes computer cases that focuses on RFI shielding? I'll make one if I have to, I learned everything about RFI shielding I need to know during my time in the U.S. Air Force, but if there is a company that manufactures them, I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for one. Preferably a full tower ATX configuration with space for internal cooling as well.

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Off-Topic • Re: NSA Tracking of powered down cellphones and other wireless devices

Thank you all for your responses. Very interesting thoughts. Once I have the right equipment I'd like to do some experimenting along these lines.

I had another thought regarding detection of re-broadcast RF from otherwise dead devices, every circuit has a resonant frequency. Knowing that frequency or having access to the appropriate technical data about the circuit, could it be possible to generate a brief, high powered RF pulse at a specific frequency designed to interact with the resonant frequency of the powered down circuit leading to a stronger modulated signal from that circuit, perhaps strong enough to defeat background static and be detectable at a short range? I wonder if the NSA or military has such a capability already. We all know of Tempest and what they can do with regards to that, we know they are experimenting with RF electronics jamming and EMP. This would seem like a natural evolution of those technologies.

I also wonder if any attempts by myself or other individuals to conduct experiments into this sort of thing might run afoul of United States FCC regulations. I am curious from a scientific standpoint, but I have no wish to break any law, cause unwanted interference with anyone else's equipment or compromise anyone's privacy.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: New Member Saying Hello.

Ok, thank you for the info,
I,ll look throught the FAQ,s again.
All the best,

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Does SoapySDR support Airspy HF+?

Does SoapySDR support Airspy HF+? submitted by /u/streamofstars
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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: New Member Saying Hello.

Gain setting: with direct sampling in the V3-dongle there is no gain setting. You need to do the gain adjustment in front of the dongle, before the input connector. For example with a carbon or cermet potentiometer. I use 500 Ohm linear and that works fine. Mismatch is not causing problems. (The lower frequencies below 1 MHz have higher attenuation than higher frequencies).

Gain setting (quadrature sampling, the frequency range above 24 MHz) is discussed in the FAQ: just increase gain until you see a 5 dB increase of the noise floor. Then you are sure that the noise you see and hear is caused by the antenna, or at least coming from the system in front of the dongle. To much gain causes overload and IM-products.

In fact it is correct to listen and to set the gain for best audible signal quality.

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Troubleshooting Help • noise on fm-station

I have tuned to 90.8 (Danish pgm 1). I have bandwith set at 12.000. I have gain set at 20.7 db. I have the speaker set at half strength. I get the station, I can hear the music, but I also get a lot of noise. When the music stops and nobody speaks, the noise stops.
The dongle gets pretty hot, but I can touch it. This is the second dongle - the first one got as hot, but stopped working.
Can anyone help?
best regards

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Comment on Designing an Ultra Wideband Vivaldi Antenna by Drone

Sorry, I forgot the disclosure in my comment: I’m not affiliated with Kent Electronics in any way; not even as a Customer (yet).

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