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В связи со сложившимися обстоятельствами, я вынужден временно прекратить…

В связи со сложившимися обстоятельствами, я вынужден временно прекратить администрирование группы и передать полномочия самому активному редактору сообщества - Юрию Овчинникову. Не шалите тут без меня)

@izobretu Новый запуск «Метеора»На ноябрь 2018 года запланирован запуск спутника…


Новый запуск "Метеора"

На ноябрь 2018 года запланирован запуск спутника "Метеор-М" № 2.2 взамен "предшественника". Напомним, что "Метеор-М" № 2.1 был запущен в 28 ноября 2017 года, но разгонный блок "Фрегат" рухнул в океан вместе со всеми 19 спутниками.

Comment on Echoes: An RTL-SDR Tool for Meteor Scatter Detection by Anonymous

I am a newbie with SDR, so not sure I fully understand how this ECHOES works.
Does it mean that it only receives reflected waves from GRAVE radar that transmits the waves?
So it receives the waves at the same frequency as the GRAVE radar transmits?
Thank you for for explanation

DSD+ SDR# plug-in

Is there a plug-in for SDR# that can automatically determine the signal, such as DMR, and run it through DSD+ and output it over the speaker... but then if it is analog ONLY output the straight analog signal? I have the FMSuite plug-in setup for scanning a group of frequencies but some are DMR and some are analog. Is this possible?

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Troubleshooting Help • Microsoft signature problem

Having to install Win 10 on a fresh disk from a downloaded DVD image, RTL-SDR fails to run apparently due to Windows not liking the program's signature.

Two sample lines from the Windows error log are:

Faulting application name: SDRSharp.exe, version: ... Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.16299.15

18/01/2018 19:52Windows Error ReportingFault bucket ... Response: Not available ... Problem signature ... P1: SDRSharp.exe.

The PC itself dates from 2009 running an Athlon II 64 bit processor. I received it without a hard drive recently.



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Off-Topic • Re: NSA Tracking of powered down cellphones and other wireless devices

See Theremin's "the thing".

You already know your phone can be remotely managed. If you are a person of interest, they probably just drop some software on it that intercepts the power button. You guys are at rtl-sdr.com. you know you can test for this, right?

Statistics: Posted by parabolix — Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:32 pm

Need help with LNA

I bought this LNA from eBay and I wired up a 12V power source (which actually measure 13.3V) but this results in bad signal reception in comparison to no LNA. The LNA is rated 6-12V power input so I've added a 56 ohm resistor in series which made the reception better but nowhere near good enough.

Am I wiring stuff up wrong, is this some filtering issue or is this LNA not good?

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Константин к «Плагин DSD Interface.»

А некто не сталкивался с такой проблемой:несохраняет значение Output/input audio device,выставляю,нажимаю ок,нажимаю конфигуре,они остаются теже?

Comment on Tom’s Radio Room Tests and Reviews the RTL-SDR Blog Multipurpose Dipole Kit by Max

A dipole has about the same performance of a ground plane antenna or a j-pole (that vary with the height); it’s not to be considered a poor antenna or a makeshift solution. This kit is an excellent value for everyone using in out of the windows or in the balcony to receive VHF-UHF. Just make sure to keep it vertical, adjust each element to 1/4 wave and keep its cable horizontal for the first 30-40 cm A different positioning may be needed for optimal performance when receiving satellites, planes and SSB transmissions in the VHF-UHF ham radio bands.

Comment on Echoes: An RTL-SDR Tool for Meteor Scatter Detection by Max

Regarding the 3 operating modes, i don’t think the periodic one is usable because reflecttions can last from less than 1 sec to more than 20sec but most of them are about 1 sec. only. I would like to understand what is the delay in automatic mode before it starts recording to make sure that very short reflections are not cut significantly at the beginning. However the automatic mode is interesting for particular times of the year with high number of reflections most of them lasting over 2 sec. like the Perseids in August

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