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Schmoocon 18: Live Stream of Micheal Ossmann and Schuyler St. Leger on Psuedo-Doppler begins in 15 minutes

Micheal Ossmann @michaelossmann (famous for creating the HackRF SDR and various other projects) and Schuyler St. Leger @DocProfSky (a very talented young man) will soon be presenting their "Pseudo-Doppler Redux" talk at the Schmoocon 2018 conference at 3:30pm EST. The talk is available for all to watch live on Livestream.

Michael Ossmann and Schuyler St. Leger demonstrate their new take on Pseudo-Doppler direction finding techniques, using SDR to enhance direction finding capabilities.

Schyler's Poster on Pseudo Doppler from GNU Radio Con 17.
Schyler's Poster on Pseudo Doppler from GNU Radio Con 17.

SDR with better front end

I love my SDR, and actually find it useful quite a lot as well as a fun hobby!

Looking at options for upgrade, I was using it recently on an event with a repeater running 1w at 446mhz. This meant that anything from 440-450 MHz and a bit wider was completely swamped by the repeater output. Even the iem transmitter at 666mhz running 250mW deafened it! What would people recommend for something with better front end filtering, and with a wider bandwidth than the 2mhz I currently have?

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Thanks for add

Thanks for add

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Raspberry Pi FM — how does it all work?

Hi guys, Its me again. The guy who has been badgering you folks over the past month over getting a demonstration ready for a SDR presentation. I finally got the Pi to transfer a basic text file over FM. Anyway, I was really hoping someone could explain to me how the Pi FM scripts works? I mean it generates an osciallating voltage through the GPIO pin? and uses the wire as an antenna? What exactly is going on there?

Thanks a lot!

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please add

an app for meteor scatter purposes. Opensource. Supports Windows, Linux, Raspberry PI.

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That would be a killer feature

RTL-SDR Discussion • Question regarding the rtl_fm library, or perhaps gnuradio? How can i do this?


I am planning to use 2 RTL-SDR dongles on a single computer. The thing is, they will be operating on 2 different frequencies, and so different antennas will be used.

I would like one instance of rtl_fm or gnuradio to open set to "frequency 1" and connect to a specific USB port. Then the other instance on "frequency 2" to another USB port.

I know that in Linux, USB ports are defined at a kernel level as such:
"The name given to this device by the kernel (KERNELS=="1-4.5") indicates that this device is plugged into the fifth port of a hub connected to port four on bus 1"

The computer I am using has no hub, and only one bus. It has 4 ports. So I would like to use 1-3.1 and 1-4.1 for example.

Can someone help me for this?

Thank you

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Именно поэтому.

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i had same error. Does anyone fixe completely this error? thank you !

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: New Member Saying Hello.

Thanks very much for the info, I will have a go over the weekend.

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