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Off-Topic • Re: GPS Clock Project

This YouTube clip provides an excellent overview of the requirements of these modern inexpensive GPS modules:


Statistics: Posted by Josh(KF4BF) — Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:26 pm

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Frequency correction (ppm) and Spy Server

rtlsdrblog wrote:
Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:28 am
PPB is parts per BILLION, so you'll need to multiple the PPM by 1000.
Many thanks !
Last year i had problems with this settings, and try a lot.
So frustrated that i stopped working with spyserver.
Now running about 3 á 4 weeks spyserver with a good value.
I have to say this.


Statistics: Posted by PE7000 — Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:38 pm

Troubleshooting Help • Re: Telnet and the Net Remote Plugin

You can also try putty 32/64 on a windows/linux machine or even on the Raspberry Pi.
This is a list of commands that i tested years a go. I hope the commands are all te same as before...
Tested also with arduino and a dial knob to change frequency. It was too fast, SDR# gets frozen.
So I've stopped working with this plugin, and I'm not a programmer.


Net Remote via PuTTY for SDR#Sharp Rev. 1420Net Remote plugin for SDR#Sharphttp://eartoearoak.com/software/sdrsharp-net-remoteGitHub: https://github.com/EarToEarOak/SDRSharp-Net-Remote/releasesTelnet via PuTTY:A Windows installer for everything except PuTTYtelInstaller: putty-0.65-installer.exehttp://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html-------------------------------------------------------------------Edit: 8-3-2016If 'Serial' is enabled in the control panel commands will be readfrom the serial port, currently the port defaults to 115200 8N1.Or to test if SDRSharp is currently playing:{"Command": "Get", "Method": "IsPlaying"}Which returns:{"IsPlaying":true}-------------------------------------------------------------------Net Remote via PuTTY for test SDR#Sharp Rev. 1420Start PuTTY with Telnet on localhost or ip Port 3382Results on screen{"Name":"Net Remote","Version":"1.2.5771.21118"}----------------------------------------------------------------[Test if SDRSharp is currently playing]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "IsPlaying"}Which returns:{"IsPlaying":true}----------------------------------------------------------------[Set Start of SDR#Sharp]{"Command": "Exe", "Method": "Start", "Value": true}[Set Stop of SDR#Sharp]{"Command": "Exe", "Method": "Stop", "Value": true}----------------------------------------------------------------[Set Net Remote off Closing Network Connection]{"Command": "Exe", "Method": "Close", "Value": true}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of Audio Gain]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "AudioGain"}[Set Audio Volume to 30 dB 25-60 Step 5 dB]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "AudioGain", "Value": 30}[Set Audio Volume to 45 dB]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "AudioGain", "Value": 45}[Set Audio Volume to 60 dB]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "AudioGain", "Value": 60}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of Audio Mute]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "AudioIsMuted"}[Set Audio Mute on]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "AudioIsMuted", "Value": true}[Set Audio Mute off]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "AudioIsMuted", "Value": false}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of Detector Type]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "DetectorType"}[Set Modulation type]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "NFM"}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "AM"}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "LSB"}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "USB"}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "WFM"}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "DSB"}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "CW"}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "RAW"}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of Filter 1-6]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "FilterType"}[Set Filter Type 1 Hamming]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterType", "Value": 1}[Set Filter Type 2 Blackman]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterType", "Value": 2}[Set Filter Type 3 Blackman-Harris 4]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterType", "Value": 3}[Set Filter Type 4 Blackman-Harris 7]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterType", "Value": 4}[Set Filter Type 5 Han-Poisson]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterType", "Value": 5}[Set Filter Type 6 Youssef]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterType", "Value": 6}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of Bandwidth]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "FilterBandwidth"}[Set NFM Bandwidth default settings]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterBandwidth", "Value": 008000}[Set AM Bandwidth]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterBandwidth", "Value": 010000}[Set LSB Bandwidth]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterBandwidth", "Value": 002400}[Set USB Bandwidth]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterBandwidth", "Value": 002400}[Set WFM Bandwidth]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterBandwidth", "Value": 200000}[Set DSB Bandwidth]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterBandwidth", "Value": 006000}[Set CW Bandwidth]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterBandwidth", "Value": 000300}[Set RAW Bandwidth]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterBandwidth", "Value": 010000}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of Filter Order]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "FilterOrder"}[Set default Filter Order for NFM/AM/LSB/USB/DSB/CW/RAW]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterOrder", "Value": 1000}{"Result":"Error","Type":"Value error","Message":"Greater than 100"}[Set default Filter Order for WFM]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterOrder", "Value": 250}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of Squelch]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "SquelchEnabled"}[Set Squelch on/off]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "SquelchEnabled", "Value": true}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "SquelchEnabled", "Value": false}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of Squelch setting]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "SquelchThreshold"}[Set Squelch Value 0-100]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "SquelchThreshold", "Value": 70}[Set Squelch Value to 50]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "SquelchThreshold", "Value": 50}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of FM Stereo]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "FmStereo"}[Set FM Stereo on/off]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FmStereo", "Value": true}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FmStereo", "Value": false}----------------------------------------------------------------[Get value of Frequency]{"Command": "Get", "Method": "Frequency"}[Set Frequency to 97.5 MHz 000 000 000 000]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "Frequency", "Value": 97500000}[Set Frequency to 104.4 MHz]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "Frequency", "Value": 104400000}[Set Frequency to 145.750 MHz and change Mode, Squelch]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "Frequency", "Value": 145750000}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "NFM"}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "SquelchEnabled", "Value": true}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "SquelchThreshold", "Value": 75}----------------------------------------------------------------TEST for Ham Radio on 70cm Band[Set Frequency and Mode]{"Command": "Set", "Method": "Frequency", "Value": 430125000}or{"Command": "Set", "Method": "Frequency", "Value": 430275000}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "NFM"}[Set Squelch on and Set Squelch value to 75{"Command": "Set", "Method": "SquelchEnabled", "Value": true}{"Command": "Set", "Method": "SquelchThreshold", "Value": 75}----------------------------------------------------------------[Short Notations, remove the space between the items]{"Command":"Set","Method":"Frequency","Value":430125000}{"Command":"Set","Method":"Frequency","Value":430275000}

Statistics: Posted by PE7000 — Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:03 pm

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: problem kalibrate for rtl sdr 2832 once worked in kali and win7

yes it's first ok but second dos not work and after about 15 minutes work again once.
I thinke that dongel is warm,if possible please explain about TCXO and which dongel i can buy from Amazon that not have a drift and work more than once.thnax alot.
my dongel image is attached.

Statistics: Posted by ashkan — Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:02 pm

Show me your diy LNA housing

Hi folks. I think my LNA is arriving today or tomorrow. I want to see how you made the housing for your LNA.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: sdr# set up

attached is snap shot,, as you may note looks like great radio hash and a few signals (but they are not).

Statistics: Posted by radiowaz — Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:51 pm

Best antenna type for broadcasting with a Rpi?

So, I want to try broadcasting a message to my friend who's a couple blocks away using FM with Rpitx (with a FM filter of course, and I made sure I'm not breaking any laws). I'm building a discone antenna now for receiving, but I'm not sure that's the type I want for broadcasting. A simple whip antenna would be the easiest, but if there's something better I'd like to know. Thanks!

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NOAA Automation?

Is there anyway to automate the decoding of NOAA images and putting them on a local web server? Planning on using a RPI3 etc. Thanks

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Comment on Leif Compares the Airspy HF+ with the Airspy+Spyverter Combo by Ken C

what i have set up is, an almost new Dell with AMD Ryzen 7, win 10 did a clean install from an ISO from microsoft because the OEM install was cluttered with third party software, and dual booting with Linux, i notice Linux with GQRX built from a the lastest github sources runs airspyhf better and cleaner than windows 10 with hdsdr, sdr# does better than hdsdr with an extio.dll, and sdrconsole_v3 does better than hdsdr too, but by far my favorite is GQRX on Linux, the only peeve with airspyhf is the antenna sma jack is soldiered directly to the board, they should have used a short jumper wire like the SDRPlay has done, then when somebody has to tighten the nut on the antenna jack it does not break the soldier on the board (i had top open my airspyhf and resolder it to the board after tightening it) other than that the airspyhf is a nice little sdr, i love the heavy steel case it comes in

so anyone reading this take extra care when tightening the nuts on the antenna jack otherwise you will break the solder connection and have to open it and resolder it,

Very poor reception with my new QFH, where do I start troubleshooting? MIC.

Very poor reception with my new QFH, where do I start troubleshooting? MIC. submitted by /u/Swordeater
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