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Comment on Decoding and Listening to HD Radio (NRSC-5) with an RTL-SDR by If you want to be sued

Distributing a binary I think is a problem, whoever does so would be sued by mpegla for non payment of licensing fees for use of their patent portfolio which would cover the modified MPEG-4 HE-AAC codec used in NRSC5. And by iBiquity Digital Corporation for their patent portfolio. One option is to wait the ~20 years until the patents expire (which for HE-AAC should probably be about 7 or 8 years from now).

Proudly running RTL-SDR dual dongles!

Proudly running RTL-SDR dual dongles!

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Кто-нибудь слышал УВБ-76 через SDR? Реально услышать ее? …

Кто-нибудь слышал УВБ-76 через SDR? Реально услышать ее?

Other SDR Devices • Re: Airspy HF+ on a Raspberry Pi?

The issue turned out to be that the permissions in the udev rules on the Raspberry Pi were different between default installations of the RTL-SDR library and the HF+ library. Changing either the user's group, or the device permissions, or the udev rules fixed the issue.

After fixing this issue, the new Airspy HF+ now works great plugged into my Raspberry Pi 3. I can now compile and run tcp servers for it, and stream IQ samples from either it or an RTL-SDR v.3 to my panadapter apps under development.

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Steganography — Receiving encoded images through RTL-SDR

Hello all!

I'll admit it - I'm an amateur, even by the most lenient of amateurish standards. I haven't set up an antenna, never configured a software defined radio, and (to be honest) don't understand a lot of which goes on in this sub. I'm not here to ask for advice; there are plenty of threads for that already. I'm here to ask about a hypothetical application, to see whether anyone has tried this before.

I keep seeing images broadcast from NOAA satellites, mostly weather related, and that got me thinking. You probably wouldn't want to transmit sensitive information (banking logins, nuclear launch codes, the results of last Tuesday's arm wrestling competition, etc.) via unencrypted radio. And given that encrypting packet radio transmissions seems to be illegal, using radio to transmit large, sensitive files would probably be a bad idea.

Now, assuming an experienced receiver/user of RTL-SDR were operating high quality equipment under ideal conditions, could that user receive an image (similar to the NOAA images) with enough definition/quality to allow for steganography to be used? And if so, how far from "ideal" could one deviate before the image is too decayed to read the "stego" image?

I'm sure there are a ton of flaws with this line of thinking, and I don't even think the equipment on this sub can transmit (correct me if I'm wrong :) but you all seem like the perfect crowd to ask: Is this possible? Could a strong enough transmitter and a skilled enough receiver exchange hidden files through completely unencrypted images?

I love brainstorming on problems like this, so please, any explanations about why this would or wouldn't work, what would be necessary to make it work, or how fundamentally flawed my understanding is would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: rtl-sdr CHEAP

same picture that was posted on the ebay site , antenna, base, usb cable and receiver.. BUT my new purchase has now been cx by ebay (no explanation ) and have refunded my money thru paypal. told me not to expect to receive anything from this person even though said he shipped.. so guess you were right and they have now shut him down.
While I've got you here maybe you can answer a question (or this whole thing may answer the question) I can not receive anything below 30mhz with HDSDR, will not tune it at all.. radio said up to 1.7ghz. but tuning will not go past 30 at all, just acts like its not there.. I'm going to try "sharp" in the next few days and see if it will. any suggestion??

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Meteor M2 image of Winter Storm Grayson

Meteor M2 image of Winter Storm Grayson submitted by /u/MinhoSucks
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UB3ZEU к «Обновление плагинов»


Что-то я так и не нашел исправленный DSD плагин после моей проблемы.

UB3ZEU к «Обновление плагинов»


Скопировать модифицированный драйвер в папку с программой. А строчку нужно скопировать в файл FrontEnds - и тогда в шарпе уже появится новый драйвер.

Comment on Decoding and Listening to HD Radio (NRSC-5) with an RTL-SDR by Aldo Cugnini

Has anyone thought about integrating NRSC5 into SDR# (or similar)? Is a plugin mechanism available?

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