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As I have exhausted all other avenues for t/s of this issue, I’ll post here, hoping that someone…

As I have exhausted all other avenues for t/s of this issue, I'll post here, hoping that someone knows what's going on... I'm trying to run RTL1090, the ADSB-tracking software, on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine. I've installed, reinstalled, reinstalled again, ran Zadig again, even rebooted...all to no avail. I've even tried running the prog in compatibility mode, and as administrator. I've even tried running it with my Avast disabled. Everything else works. SDRuno, HDSDR, Unitrunker...all see both dongles, and run fine. No matter what I try, I keep getting this:

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One antenna for two or more SDRs?

There are numerous trunked systems near my area and I would like to be able to listen to more than one at a time. I'm already using two antennas and two SDRs for this but I'd like to be able to use one antenna for two SDRs so I can limit how many antennas I have mounted. Any suggestions on what I can do here?

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Comment on Video Tutorial: Installing GQRX and RTL-SDR on a Raspberry Pi by Cameron

#sudo idconfig -v

That should fix this problem as long as the executable “rtl_test” works properly.

Comment on RFSim99 for Modern Windows Versions: Free RF Simulation Tool by Nelu

I don’t know what you know about elementary usage of PC but one thing is very clear: you must learn much much more about PC. After reading your post i’ve just launced the RFSim99, from a backup from 2006, on my Windows 8.1 which was installed on other PC and works just fine. I mean i.ve moved the HDD from a PC to another and both work very well.

I’ve come to the healthy conclusion that Radio Reference isn’t the «end-all, be-all» font of…

I've come to the healthy conclusion that Radio Reference isn't the "end-all, be-all" font of information that it's been made out to be... Merced County's trunked 800mhz system has about five regular talkgroups that pop up. I've managed to manually identify three of these, but the other two remain a temporary mystery. No help from RR. Just gotta keep listening.

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Скажите пожалуйста с AverTV Studio 307 будет работать , пока свисток в пути

Comment on Art Installation Eavesdrops on Hospital Pagers with a HackRF by Rob

I second this. I’ve seen scores of medical paging information here in Colorado. A few months back, I tried to research the situation. From what I gathered, one or more of the hospitals in CO out-sourced their paging services to a 3rd party and promised HIPAA compliance. I concluded that the 3rd party provider does has means of providing HIPAA compliance to customers, but at least one hospital in CO isn’t properly implementing their services.


I've been using all of the usual suspects in the SDR software world on Windows, Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, exc. I primarily listen to SW and local law enforcement P25. I had been using DSD+ with SDR# and HDSDR. Last night I installed the preview release of Console v3 from sdr-radio.com for Windows. It easily has the best modular layout and ease of use. Even in the preview stage, it has far supior sound quality on P25 w/ DSD+. I was getting a lot of digital artifact cutouts on every other software combination. V3 of sdr-radio's sounds nearly or as good as my buddie's hardware scanners. I would recommend anyone looking for a Windows software radio, especially P25 broadcasts, give it a try and donate to the project if you see fit. I am not affiliated with the project, just so impressed with it, I thought I'd give everyone a heads up.

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Hey, what’s up?

Why does the subreddit seem so inactive?

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Powering a LNA.

Hey guys, Quick question. I've purchased a couple LNAs and they have the + and - solder points for supplying power.

If I remember right, this takes 5-12vDC power correct? Would 3 18650 batteries (Total 11.1v DC) sufficiently power it?

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