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Uses for copper wire?

So, my RTL SDR has arrived!

A Nooelec NESDR SMArt, and having played around with it for a couple of days both on my laptop and using RTL TCP with my RPi 3 as a server I'm starting to get my head around SDR# and at the same time read through all the amazing resources people have put up.

Ive started to get a bit curious. Largely about what to do with the 12kg's or so of thin copper wire I've got in a shed. Anyone got any good suggestions? Real estate is a bit limited (mid terrace house, tiny garden).

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Comment on Decoding and Listening to HD Radio (NRSC-5) with an RTL-SDR by Lou Schneider

HD meant Hybrid Digital when the system was being developed along with occasionally being referred to as High Definition. Then Ibiquity (the patent holder and licensing agent) proclaimed that HD was a trademark that stood for nothing. All previous interpretations were flushed down the memory hole.

Comment on A Tutorial on using SDRAngel for DMR, D-Star and Fusion Reception with an RTL-SDR by Stef

Can anyone tell me if the SDRPlay RSP1 is compatible with SDRAngel under windows.
Indeed I am under Windows 7 64 bit and after having launched SDRAngel, when I go under select sampling device I see only ” file source ” or ” SDRdaemonsource ” I do not see my SDRPlay . I do not understand What to do .
Can you help me ?
I apologize for my english, I’m french 🙂
Thank you

How to fix this problem?

I like to use my RTLSDR dongle with my phone and an OTG cable. However it drains the battery incredibly fast. Is there some adapter to charge and use the dongle and the same time? Or some power injector?

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Comment on Decoding and Listening to HD Radio (NRSC-5) with an RTL-SDR by ki4bmr

Works for me

Direct linking to dongle?

I wanted to do some experiment with a 1w portable radio directly linked by cable to the rtl-sdr dongle. I wanted to eliminate the antenna for some measurements.

Obviously I can not just link it directly unless I want to set my dongle on fire but I was wondering if an attenuator would be all that is required? And also then what level of attenuation would be appropriate?

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Signal Identification Help • Re: Cannot decode this (supposed to be radiosonde M10)

Solved with SondeMonitor v. now available for download.

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Antennas • SDR Antenna Analyzer

So I'd seen this:

https://www.rtl-sdr.com/using-the-airsp ... -antennas/

...which is fun, especially since I'm working on an antenna anyway.

Then I found this:


...and this fits the function of noise source and the splitter in the article.

I'm getting that for noise bridge for Christmas, and I'll post something once I get an antenna up and analyzed.

Statistics: Posted by apl — Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:28 pm

Комментарий к записи Приемник RTL-SDR.COM V3 — обзор новой версии (admin)

3 точки прозвоните на корпус, антенный вход, бав99 и сам вход чипа.

Комментарий к записи Приемник RTL-SDR.COM V3 — обзор новой версии (admin)

Разберите, посмотрите реакцию на палец в разных точках от разъема до чипа. Защитные диоды прозвоните.

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