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Comment on Our Review of the Airspy HF+: Compared against ColibriNANO, Airspy Mini, RSP2 by Bert

Brainfart, I kind of said that the wrong the frequency used would be constant at each frequency the mixer was tuned to but would be a multiple of the number of phases used. I’ve have no idea how many phases are being used used (4,8,16,32,64). But say the frequency to be tuned to was 260 MHz and that 16 phases were used then the master clock used would to generate the 16 local oscillators with 16 different phases would probably be a constant 4160MHz for the 16 mixers. But 16 is just a number I am pulling out of thin air, I have no idea how many phases are being used inside the “high dynamic range mixer”

Comment on Analyzing Radar Pulses with Baudline and an RTL-SDR by Phanthon Terriake

forget SDR if you want to use Widows. If you’re windows user, just go do something else

Comment on Our Review of the Airspy HF+: Compared against ColibriNANO, Airspy Mini, RSP2 by Simon Brown


Spot-on. I have two HF+ here, it’s an excellent SDR, superb strong signal handling and amazing ability to dig weak signals out of the noise. My comparison with the NetSDR is here: http://www.sdr-radio.com/Radios/Airspy/AirspyHF .

Comment on Our Review of the Airspy HF+: Compared against ColibriNANO, Airspy Mini, RSP2 by Bert

The “high dynamic range mixer” is really the most interesting part. From my limited understanding, after reading through some of the patents, it uses multiple clocks at different phases with multiple mixers to cause constructive interference to enhance signals at the frequencies of interest and at the same time destructive interference attenuate signals at other frequencies. On paper it means that it should be extremely sensitive even with overpowering signals nearby. I don’t think that any other device has this (yet), I’ve not seen Polyphase Harmonic Rejection used anywhere else ?

I don’t see any issue in using a TV/satellite tuner or a car radio tuner or any other high quality mass produced RF silicon that will reduce costs. It is much easier to design a SDR with no limit on the BOM (Bill Of Materials).

One Antenna To Rule Them All?

I am beginning to dabble in SDR and would like to build an antenna (or two or four) for my attic that will let me play as well as provide AM/FM/HDTV throughout my house. I realize this means multiple antennas but I need help in architecting the layout. I am good at running cable in my home and terminating jacks and such, and can solder. I also happen to have a 4000' spool of RG6 cable so would love to leverage that in some way.

My devices:
1. Two or more SDR dongles near my computer area
2. Three TVs with HDTV coax inputs, located in various parts of the house.
3. Two AM/FM radios, located in opposite ends of the house.

I realize there's unlikely a one size fits all solution, but how would you go about architecting the antenna setup? Would they need to be far apart in the attic? Would it be a problem to run them through splitters so multiple devices connected to the same antenna? Would pointing direction matter (I know the TV one matters)? (I'm in the Southeast Houston area so I can generally point everything in one direction). Lastly is there any advantage to putting them outside up on a pole? I have no radiant barrier in my attic. Any help is appreciated.

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Comment on Our Review of the Airspy HF+: Compared against ColibriNANO, Airspy Mini, RSP2 by Andy

I’m a bit confused. Airspy’s publicity blurb goes on about ‘high dynamic range mixers’ etc but under the hood all I see is a car stereo tuner!

Обновлен TimeShift и Scanner.


TimeShift... - Добавил отслеживание параметра Swap I & Q. Исправление ошибок и оптимизация.

Scanner... - Добавил отображение границ диапазонов при сканировании нескольких одновременно. Исправил поведение сканера на паузе. В состоянии паузы кнопки вправо/влево работают в пределах текущего экрана.


Signal Identification Help • Re: Cannot decode this (supposed to be radiosonde M10)

Problem solved with a new updated version that will be released soon
There is a new modified M10 protocol called M10new

Statistics: Posted by m_a_x — Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:28 am

Comment on Buy RTL-SDR Dongles (RTL2832U) by Max

You need this and this.

Comment on Video Tutorial: Installing GQRX and RTL-SDR on a Raspberry Pi by jim

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ rtl_test -t
rtl_test: error while loading shared libraries: librtlsdr.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have reviewed all my entries and find no mistakes…

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ history
1 sudo apt update
2 sudo apt install git
3 sudo apt install cmake
4 sudo apt install build-essential
5 sudo apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev
6 sudo git clone git://git.osmocom.org/rtl-sdr.git
7 cd rtl-sdr/
8 sudo mkdir build
9 cd build
10 sudo cmake ../ -DINSTALL_UDEV_RULES=ON
12 sudo make
13 sudo make install
14 #sudo ldconfig
15 sudo cp ../rtl-sdr.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
16 cd
17 cd /etc
18 cd modprobe.d
19 sudo touch blacklist-rtl.conf
20 ls
21 sudo nano blacklist-rtl.conf
22 cat blacklist-rtl.conf
23 sudo halt
24 rtl_test -t

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