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SDR Legality in different countries?

I'm a digital nomad - as such I'm always travelling. I've just bought a LimeSDR but it's just occurred to me that many countries, especially the cheap ones I tend to visit, may have restrictions. For example, Egypt seems to require all radios to be approved by a government body before import, and India bans satellite phones.

Does anyone have any experiences of carrying SDRs with them into countries excluding US/Canada, and EU/Europe? And/or people who live in countries excluding those, who have bought online and imported them? Note that the LimeSDR can transmit, which complicates things further.

Worst case, I'll leave it in storage after xmas, until I return to Europe in the summer, but would be nice to carry it with me.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: NOAA Satellite Reception [HELP]

They look like some of my images (I'm based in Melbourne so I also have a similar coastline showing up).
I have a QFH antenna with an LNA and I can also get some quite decent images as well. I use an SDRPlay RSPII rather than the RTL-SDR but that is possibly not important here.
What you are seeing is the result of a very weak signal sch that the WxtoImg (or whatever) software cannot properly decode the information.
As I say, I get some images like this when it is a low(ish) pass or if the satellite passes behind some obstacle. Otherwise the centre of the received image is quite good.
I would recommend an LNA and possibly a better antenna.

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