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Comment on TempestSDR: An SDR tool for Eavesdropping on Computer Screens via Unintentionally Radiated RF by Zypo

I attempted to get this working. I installed JRE (32bit) and JDK (32bit) 9.0.1 on Windows 10. I used 32 bit MinGW. I also downloaded the EXTIO_HACKRF.dll file from https://github.com/jocover/ExtIO_HackRF . When I load the ExtIO, I get the error “The ExtIO dll is not compatible with the current machine or does not exist. Please check the filename is correct and the file is a valid ExtIO dll file and try again.” I analyzed the HACKRF ExtIO with Dependency Walker and ran into a whole bunch of errors. Does anyone have any advice?

Comment on Recent Updates to the JAERO L-Band and C-Band AERO Decoder by R vd Meer

Thank you for your reply,i have the setup with sdrconsole v3 and can set several receivers and virtual audio cable but if i have multiple jaero,s if i put the second jaero on virtual cable 2 also the other jaero is going to virtual cable 2.
And thats what i want to prevent,but dont now how to do it.

Airspy HF+ vs ColibriNANO Comparison on 3.579 MHz [00:05:29]

In this video I am comparing two high quality SDR Receivers: Airspy HF+ and ColibriNANO. They both have 16 bit Analog-to-Digital Converter. Comparison was made with the same overall conditions.
For example, both receivers was set with equal size spectrum windows, with the same amount of decibels in their scale, and the same high of the spectrum windows.
ColibriNANO has LNA gain slider which was set to maximum SNR.
Airspy HF+, on the other hand, has no LNA gain control.
The SV2HQL/Beacon was chosen as a test signal on 3579.32 kHz (on 80m band)
Antenna is half-wave resonant Dipole (40 meters long) for 80m band.
In the second part of the video I was inserted 27 dB external Attenuator on both receivers. ColibriNANO automatically increased the LNA gain and sets itself to maximum SNR. With this amount of attenuation, The Airspy HF+ noise floor level was at about the same place in spectrum window like ColibriNANO, Unlike in the first part of the video, when no external attenuator was used.
Both SDR-receivers are very good!
Which is better? I leave on you to judge...

Off-Topic • Re: Automatic restart of system

What do you mean by "my details I had done before automatic restart vanished"? What details are you referring to?

There are many reasons why your PC could suddenly restart e.g. windows updates, overheating, bad software, power surge etc.

Statistics: Posted by rtlsdrblog — Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:30 pm

Comment on RFSim99 for Modern Windows Versions: Free RF Simulation Tool by AD5GG

Thanks for the shout out, RTL-SDR! I wondered where the huge leap in traffic was coming from! 🙂

Comment on Recent Updates to the JAERO L-Band and C-Band AERO Decoder by Tim

I use SDR# with aux vfo plugins. Then downloaded virtual audio cable 4.15….” Not free” Under # you can assign each aux vfo a virtual audio channel. Assign each Jaero app a different virtual audio channel.

I use this method for (3) weather sats using wxtoimg and one SDR# app running the aux vfo plugin.

Comment on The Open Source OVI-40 SDR Transceiver by DF8OE

For clarification: OVI40 is an project which is “under development”. Not all neccessary parts which make a complete receiver (or transceiver) are released at the moment. Actually the “digital part” is finished and available. There is also an anlog part naccessary. This is not finished. Hopefully it will be released in first quarter of 2018. The analog part will consist of a “rf base PCB” where the stages (TX mixer, RX mixer, filtrs, PA and so on) can be plugged as “modules”. So you are able to modify or improve single stages without dropping the whole PCB. But again: the missing part is additionally needed for a working device! As long as the rf PCB is not available OVI40 UI PCB can be used to work with mcHF rf PCB. 30 pin header on OVI40 is pin compatible with 30 pin mcHF header. For all who are interested in a complete radio: please stay tuned.

Comment on Recent Updates to the JAERO L-Band and C-Band AERO Decoder by R vd Meer

Who know how to use multiple jaero,s,receive several 10.500 channels where a lot of information is going on.
On inmarsat 15w and 25 east are a number of channels on the l band .

ARRL 10 meter contest

The ARRL is hosting a 10 meter contest. HERE for details.

Date - December 9-10, 2017

10 meter antenna

submitted by /u/maverick_nos
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Receiving and Decoding Russian Meteor-M2 satellite images in real time

Receiving and Decoding Russian Meteor-M2 satellite images in real time submitted by /u/HisAwesomeness
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