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Pre-Amp for NOAA?

I've been receiving NOAA images for some time, but the quality and signal strength leave much to be desired. I've tried smple dipoles as well as turnstile antennas and a relatively simple helix antenna. The Helix seemed to be marginally better than the turnstile, but none of them give me what I want. It's all loaded with interference, and the signal is so weak that I have to play around with the gain to get acceptable results.
The receiver is one of the newer Noonelectric RTL-SDR sets with am SMA connector on it and the run of cable to the antenna is short.
I am wondering if I would benefit from a LNA on it, and if so, can anyone recommend a good LNA? On e related note, is using an LNA a good idea, just in general, for most things? Or should it be reserved for this kind of weak signal work. Thanks in advance.

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NOAA record needed

Hello guys, I need some examples of NOAA transmissions - for educational purposes. Can anyone help me?

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Подскажите: если к sdr свистку подключить автомобильную антенну (на 433 МГц)…

Подскажите: если к sdr свистку подключить автомобильную антенну (на 433 МГц) длинной 0,7 или 1,1 метр - вырастет ли уровень приема и на сколько примерно?

Comment on Receiving a 10 GHz Reflected Moon Beacon with the RTL-SDR by Alberto Vázquez

You are right the signal’s travel time is 2.2″ (earth-moon-earth), but the beacon is 20″ on and then 40″ off, after that starts all over again. It means that the beacon just transmit only the first 20″ of any minute.

Есть ли среди форумчан обладатели китайского клона (ИМХО) RTL SDR V3 в салатовом корпусе? Интересует соответствие реальн…

TopGun пишет:
Есть ли среди форумчан обладатели китайского клона (ИМХО) RTL SDR V3 в салатовом корпусе? Интересует соответствие реальных ТТХ заявленным (привел ниже), да и в целом - насколько он уступает оригиналу ...
читать полностью...
Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #532

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Comment on Testing out SDRAngel with an RTL-SDR by IHateAcademiaAsMuchAsBob

I feel pride in seeing the polite and respectful responses to Robert’s posts. We have a great community here.

Robert, I applaud your desire to explore software defined radio but please understand there are plenty of other options available for you to enjoy. Please consider that expressing your feelings and experiences in a different way may result in receiving the help you seek without negatively effecting others. Best of luck my friend! S

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: bypass diplexer

rtlsdrblog wrote:
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:45 pm
Hmm I'm not sure if it's actually possible to get the two ADC branches simultaneously. Though the E4000 chip does use both together so it might be possible, but it would require some investigation of the driver code.
I will try that with the help of the datasheets one can find about the realtek chip.
rtlsdrblog wrote:
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:45 pm
The V3 is already set up so that the R820T signal goes into the I-branch ADC ports, and the HF signal goes into the Q-branch. There should be no need to modify the dongle. If you wanted to inject a signal directly into the Q branch, then juust remove the transformer T2 and connect to the Q-branch breakout holes in the top right.
Cool, thanks for the info.

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Complete beginner here. Shoutouts, and beginner troubles testimonial

The Shoutout

It's been 4 months since /u/Ivebeenfurthereven made his fateful Askreddit post. This post gathered 21,000 upvotes. There were more people visiting /r/rtlsdr than there were subscribers. In fact, the post was so popular that the most popular post of all time in this subreddit is talking about his post.

I was one of the many people who learned that something like SDR was possible on that day. I've been into 'nerdy' hobbies for a long time, and SDR sounded right up my alley.

I held the acronym in my head for about 3 months, just thinking about it. I have a hard time starting things... Finally, I bought my first Noelec dongle about a month ago, finally setting it up this weekend.

So, honestly... thank you so much. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was urged to get into this hobby after your post. You've provided me with something to provide hours of entertainment and educational opportunities for free, for thousands of people. It's an awesome thing. Really. I've already bookmarked 25+ frequencies I like to listen to, where each one can keep you entertained all evening.

Beginner Pitfalls on Linux I ran into

Unlike most probably assume, getting started was really not that hard. I wound up getting:

Dongle: Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL2838 DVB-T from Noelec


Operating System: Manjaro Linux 64-bit

and the process was MOSTLY smooth. The RTL-SDR installed without any drivers needed! The hard parts for me were:

  • The fact that the DVB features need to be explicitly blacklisted in the kernel before you can use the dongle for SDR, and then a full reboot. Mucking around in system files is always a slog.
  • The fact that integrating with PulseAudio in some frontends is easier said than done. Some wanted to start their own instance, others provided completely separate binaries to use just ALSA explicitly... Sound on Linux is always a bit finicky.
  • I wound up needing to manually build dependencies for some radio frontends. Wound up on GQRX, which is the best tried for Linux. You can get SDR# working via mono apparently though, and it seems to be a favorite of this sub.

And, finally, just learning to use GQRX effectively was tough, as an SDR noobie. I had to reset my configuration a few times. It took a few hours of tinkering to figure out what kind of transmissions are out there on the radio spectrum. Which ones have juicy content, which ones I haven't learned how to demodulate (yet), etc.

Final Thanks to the sub

You guys are awesome. /u/christ0ph 's guide on the Wiki really helped me get my bearings starting off on Linux. I'm really looking forward to getting to learn a ton from all of you on this journey!

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Comment on Using our new Dipole Antenna Kit by Robert

A really nice, and much-needed versatile antenna kit! I have two questions about it:
1) In vertical dipole mode, doesn’t it matter which dipole points up (i.e., shouldn’t the grounded element point down to the earth)?
2) Would this type of antenna work better with a balun, and if so, could I modify this kit to work with one?
Thank you.

Comment on SpyServer 2.0 Released: More Efficient Streaming for Airspy and RTL-SDR by George

Your address might want to be localhost –

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