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Can some point me where to start, I want to transmit AIS signal, the software and the hardware.

I just want anyone to give me hint of what software to use and how to encode the data and which hardware to implement to send that AIS signal at 162MHz throught a anteena which I can build(The anteena for transmitter and reciever should have same freq range right). I have already made the AIS reciever using RTL-sdr after watching the tutorials online but I don't have acsess to AIS transponder nor there are ships nearby. We are building this safety device which has AIS reciever for fishing vessel for a competion but I don't have a way to check it here. The place where we will present it will have AIS signals.

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Trouble receiving anything?


You said....I cranked the gain up full, but see absolutely no signals, not even noise. So your seeing no trace at all..kind of like you haven't hit the start/run button for that particular app?
Please post a screen capture.
Also Linux or Windows?
If linux.....type rtl_test in cmd window.

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Комментарий к записи Внешние крутилки для SDRSharp (AlexMat)

Здравствуйте! Очень интересуют ваши последние наработки в плане переключения фильтров, если не сложно выложите пожалуйста!

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: lancer openwebrx au demarrage du raspberry

Joel, I have a solution, but I'm not anywhere near an expert. I'm sure there is a more elegant solution out there
I use an app called tmux. It's an extension of term. I started using it when using rtl_tcp.
Command line for /etc/rc.local

sudo -H -u pi tmux new -d -s openwebrx-session 'bash -c "cd /home/pi/openwebrx-uhf; ./openwebrx.py; bash"'
sudo -H -u pi tmux new -d -s openwebrx-session1 'bash -c "cd /home/pi/openwebrx-20m; ./openwebrx.py; bash"'
sudo -H -u pi tmux new -d -s openwebrx-session2 'bash -c "cd /home/pi/openwebrx-40m; ./openwebrx.py; bash"'
exit 0

There will be a million people that say you don't need the sudo.

I'm also using rasp jessie I believe

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Meteor M2 — 12/31/17 Geometric Correction using MeteorGIS

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Newbie questions for the group… 1) Automatic Gain Control. Leave it on, or turn it off and…

Newbie questions for the group... 1) Automatic Gain Control. Leave it on, or turn it off and control gain manually? 2) Overnight. Leave dongles mounted, or disconnect from USB?

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Trying to use the Frequency Scanner Plugin with SDR# version 1631. The "Scan" button is greyed out.

Error in connecting RFanalyzer on android with RTL_TCP source over a wifi network.

I am getting an error while running RTL-SDR V3 on an android phone with RFanlayzer app over WIFI network. It start for sometime over phone but after some glitch/glitch it stopped. In the begging it start normal but after some movement it start glitch and stooped receiving. How to solve this issue.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • lancer openwebrx au demarrage du raspberry


comment démarrer openwebrx au démarrage de raspbian sur le raspberry

merci pour vos astuces


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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: image raspberry pi3 web sdr serveur

ok merci bonnes fêtes

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