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Ok I deleted my old post, because i do t know how to send a screenshot, so I have audio on other…

Ok I deleted my old post, because i do t know how to send a screenshot, so I have audio on other frequencies now but on my local PD it is decoding but only shows NAC174 TSDU no audio though. So it must be encrypted right??

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Comment on BA5SBA Direct Sampling Kit English Build Instructions by Jack

Should the center pin of the transformer be connected to the ground?
I checked and is not connected to anything.

Comment on A Tutorial on Receiving HRPT Weather Satellite Images with an SDRplay RSP2 by G1EKW

Good points, Adam. Also there is an additional improvement achieved by stacking two helicals. The feed impedance of a single helical antenna is given by 140 x Circumference / Lambda Ohms. most people construct their helices to have a circumference equal to the wavelength at the frequency of interest, giving a feed impedance of 140 Ohms, therefore a stacked pair, correctly phased (just parallelled) gives us 70 Ohms – a pretty good match for the 75 Ohms required by the RTL-SDR. If anyone worries too much about the remaining small mismatch, just increase the circumference by 7% (only about 12mm in the above case of HRPT), although it really isn’t necessary.

And yes, in case you hadn’t guessed yet, I am a big fan of the axial-mode helical antenna.


Off-Topic • «NO INTERNET» ads b receiver?1

hello,i wanth to find a way to use an sdr-rtl with a pc to receive ads-b signals and show on a map but with no internet connection on that pc.
is ther a way to do this?
please an ideea?!

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Comment on A brief look at the FaradayRF by Bryce Salmi

The trick to this in our case is to focus. The massive benefit to the ham radio community is actually our software and infrastructure. As you pointed out the hardware is not aimed at being the best digital radio out there. It’s aimed at getting the job done so we can focus on the real value we are trying to offer through software and use-cases. We offer the radio for sale as manufacturing is quite tricky but we know how to do it and can help offer the hardware to people who don’t want to take our open source design and build their own due to time, money, or expertise reasons. I would be stoked if someone went and updated the hardware design before we do, that’s progress! For now there’s a ton of value left to add to ham radio with the design as it stands which excites me and those helping us to get this rolled out into the goals we’re setting out to achieve.


Comment on A brief look at the FaradayRF by Bryce Salmi

We made the decision to focus on growing out the project in the United States before moving outside the country. This was a known decision to limit the scope of the project as we build out our software and manufacturing resources. The design is completely open source so really all that’s needed is some changes to the RF filters on-board and it will work in the 868MHz range. One day we will expand to global frequencies.


Comment on Airspy HF+ Released! by Paul

Ordered & counting down….

Other SDR Devices • Re: Dreamcatcher user here?

:D so how to record the ADSB Data to the SD Card?

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Direct Sampling for #RTLSDR was added to Spy Server.

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Viru для Андроид только цифра.

orlexy пишет:
Viru для Андроид только цифра.
читать полностью...
Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #528

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