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Comment on Modded SUP-2400 Downconverters now Available at RXTXDX.com for $25 by Saulius

Anybody received it? 2 months passed, but still not received, and nobody answers me from sales@rxtxdx.com

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Device Problem

Interesting.. all the right stuff
Zadig sees an rtl2832 and you fed the proper driver, but some version of SDR# fails to see the device.
Have you tried a fresh download of sharp?
Does the RTL function somewhere else?

Statistics: Posted by dlritter — Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:18 pm

Comment on SpyServer Updated: Very Efficient Network Usage with 8-Bit PCM Mode by MrBongHit2U

From todays experience with these new versions, I´m very doubtful of any improvements. Updating both Spyserver and SDR# to this latest release broke my two servers. One, an RPi2 server that is accessed directly via wifi at 65MPS the IF mode results in choppy network connection (11kps max) and total breakdown of audio and waterfall streaming, even at 10fps. Oddly, if I switch to Full IQ mode it “flies” at 5MPS, and much better than the apparently slimmer IF mode. Actually, I get better performance with RTL_TCP at full bore from this setup than from any of the SDR# network modes. I had a friend try out in his much more advanced i5 PC and he runs into the same problem with the IF mode. All these systems were running quite well with the previous versions. Whats up? Anyone else experiencing the same results?

My cleanest NOAA 18 capture so far after LNA got closer to antenna

Last night, I moved my SPF5189 lna closer to my qfh antenna and this is the result - https://imgur.com/a/5wYgx
How come, I've noticed at this time of year, I don't see elevations greater than 70 degrees from 10am until 5pm? Maybe I shouldn't say "I don't see", maybe very seldom.

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Comment on Airspy HF+ Real World Performance Examples by the Author of GQRX up on YouTube & Twitter by Robert

I hate all this talk about the Airspy HF+ , you guys really know how to drive people nuts . So the release for it is soon ,
define soon ????????????????? I do have a question about the frequency range and that is why was 6 meters left out ???????

Bias-T passthrough on the RTL-SDR.COM filters?

Before I try it and potentially fry something: Can I cascade like so:

antenna > LNA4ALL > RTL-SRD.COM HPF > RTL-SRD.COM Bandpass > RTL-SDR.COM v3 dongle with bias-T enabled?

…without frying the filters, and having the 5V bias passthrough to the LNA?

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LNA4ALL troubles

I have two LNA4ALLs, one of which had its MMIC fried by a nearby lightning strike some time ago. Fearing this may be a common occurrence at my location, I bought a strip of 10 replacement MMICs on eBay. After replacing it, the amp has never been the same.

The noise floor is incredibly high, hovering around -30 to -40db across the bands. I assume some kind on feedback or impedance mismatch is at play here. If I swamp the output side of the MMIC (ie: touch it with my finger) the noise floor falls back to where it should be, and it behaves like a good little amplifier. Much like the old days where the rabbit ears on the TV only worked when you were touching them. Needless to say, I cant hang onto the ouput all the time. What would be possible causes and/or fixes?

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Comment on Simple NOAA/Meteor Weather Satellite Antenna: A 137 MHz V-Dipole by admin

Seems to be working just fine here. It’s a dropbox pdf link but doesn’t require an account.

Comment on Submit a Story/Contact by admin

Power a Rpi + RTL-SDR with Solar? I see no reason why it wouldn’t work, but that solar panel isn’t going to be big enough to power a Rpi + RTL-SDR 24/7.

Also be way of the EMI produced by cheap solar though if there is an inverter.

Comment on Submit a Story/Contact by admin

Yes there are several people doing this with RTL-SDRs used as scanning systems. Here’s a good tutorial for the Rpi http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Raspberry_Pi_RTL-SDR_Broadcastify

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