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Тристан-да-Кунья — один из самых удалённых от материков остров в мире. До…

Тристан-да-Кунья — один из самых удалённых от материков остров в мире. До ближайшей земли — острова Святой Елены — более 2000 километров, до ближайшего берега африканского континента — более 2400 километров. Кстати, он является обитаемым - на острове постоянно проживают 267 человек.

Фотография космонавта Сергея Рязанского.

#МКСфотоДня #ЗемляИзКосмоса

«Союз-1″Присылайте красивые фото космических аппаратов в комментариях….

Присылайте красивые фото космических аппаратов в комментариях.

Вечернего кино вам о космической станции «Салют-7″….

Битва за "Салют". История подвига

Битва за "Салют". История подвига (00:43:23)

Вечернего кино вам о космической станции "Салют-7".

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Adding a Heatsink to The Aluminum Body

I'm using SDR#. I liked the looks of HDSDR better, but, it seems like SDR# is easier, and more adjustable. I've been leaving the AGC off. It seems to do a lot better.

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Comment on RTL-SDR Blog V.3. Dongles User Guide by Lee

you’re probably all over this, but but i thought i’d throw this out there for general public; be aware of what you have; old c band LNAs are just that, and good for 4ghz. c band lnb’s often have a LO at 5150mhz, which means the modulation is inverted since the lo is higher than the downlink. no biggie for some modulation types but deadly for others. also be advised that the old old DRO LNBs are drifty as hell. the thinking was that since carriers at the time often took a whole transponder, you’d achieve lock even if you’re a few megs off. Power for most of these are 12-24v, 300ma.

thanks for the add, I just received…

thanks for the add, I just received the RTL-SDR in the mail and looking forward to set it up.

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Satellite two line element set numbers

I downloaded satellite TLEs from celestrak by using predict. Can someone please explain what the numbers are?

1 25338U 98030A 17290.95139635 .00000034 00000-0 33298-4 0 9997
2 25338 98.7808 302.1004 0010076 205.3426 154.7261 14.25821139 10248

1 28654U 05018A 17290.89673189 .00000001 00000-0 25989-4 0 9997
2 28654 99.1748 316.0650 0015300 88.2791 272.0132 14.12353109639486

1 33591U 09005A 17290.91113331 .00000105 00000-0 82177-4 0 9991
2 33591 99.1087 259.5712 0013065 289.3299 70.6459 14.12220617447715

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FC0012 dongle and Raspberry Pi — Help!

Hi Guys,

I recently began a project of setting up a Raspberry Pi as an RTL SDR server so I bought a RPI and an R820T dongle off ebay.

The R820T that was sent was actually an FC0012...

Now I can't use it for ADS-B like I wanted to but I can use it for airband (Specifically 135.7MHz)

Problem is the FC0012 dongle isn't found by RTL until I install librtlsdr0 with

sudo apt-get install librtlsdr0

but will then give me another error until I remove librtlsdr0 which then somehow allows it to work.

Basically the exact same issue as this

Has anyone had any real success with the FC0012's and a Pi? I'd really prefer to not have to worry about this every boot of the Pi


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LimeSDR Mini Updates: Demonstrations with Universal Radio Hacker, LattePanda, PothosSDR and GNU Radio

Over on their CrowdSupply crowdfunding site LimeSDR have been releasing several short tutorials and demonstrations showing their new LimeSDR Mini in action. The latest update shows a short tutorial on using the LimeSDR Mini together with Universal Radio Hacker (URH) to reverse engineer a 433 MHz remote control

Other previous updates include showing how to use the LimeSDR Mini and Wireshark to analyze WiFi signals, using it with a LattePanda mini computer, creating an FM demodulator in PothosSDR and decoding a 433 MHz keyfob in GNU Radio.

The LimeSDR Mini is a smaller and cheaper version of their LimeSDR which has slightly reduced specifications. The main changes are the slightly restricted frequency range of 10 MHz – 3.5 GHz, and half the maximum bandwidth at 30.72 MHz. The mini also only has 1×1 TX/RX channels. 

Recently the LimeSDR was released for crowdfunding on crowdsupply.com and already has raised $165,000 of it’s $100,000 threshold with 12 days remaining. Currently you can back the project for $139 with shipping expected on Dec 31.

LimeSDR Mini Renderings
LimeSDR Mini Renderings

Troubleshooting Help • Re: RTL-SDR Dongle V3 knocking out Wireless Networks

zand wrote:

Well been currently testing it with a 50 ohm terminator. I haven't been using an additional LNA, none of the old TV amplifiers I have are powered and all the homes I can check have never had an TV antenna installed since they where last rebuilt. The usb is dirrectly connected to the motherboard and the system is in a steel 3U case placed in a rack.

Other things that I noted are that after a few hours the signals it picks up go from crystal clear to distorted as if the sample-rate 2400k is set to high and setting it lower dose not fix it but unplugging the dongle and letting it sit for a few minutes dose.

As for it having no means to TX I will agree, if the situation made any sense to me I wouldn't asking about it publicly.

Could you show a screenshot of what happens when the signals go distorted? I've not heard of a problem like that before.

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