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+1 в ряды🙂…

+1 в ряды🙂

Does anyone know what kind of signal is it?

Does anyone know what kind of signal is it? submitted by /u/antonioag
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HRPT Reception

Hi everyone,

I've got an Airspy R2 recently and I also have a 80cm offset dish ready to be used.

I plan on receiving NOAA HRPT images. What kind of feed should I add to my dish? And should I use other coax than RG6?

Many thanks

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Буран. Взлёт и падение.Космической документалистики вам, господа)…

Буран. Взлет и падение(Документальный фильм)
Буран. Взлёт и падение.

Космической документалистики вам, господа)

всем привет! разобрался я с донглом своим — антенна внешняя рулит. но…

всем привет! разобрался я с донглом своим - антенна внешняя рулит. но появилась проблема: неподалеку находится мощный источник сигнала на 480 Мгц, и эта хрень своими гармониками по всему диапазону дает мощные помехи, как вниз, так и вверх. как эту гадость задавить? скрины прилагаю

I was using my rtl-sdr v3 on a desk PC and sdr#…

I was using my rtl-sdr v3 on a desk PC and sdr# and the Dongle was ok but not convinced me.I had bought a new Tablet (Amazon Fire 8") .i got OTG cable and bought a SDRTOUCH APP in Amazon Store and now i am convinced the RTL-SDR-V3 is a great dongle with tablet there is not noise and i was able to pick up station s like wwv at 5 mhz and 10 mhz(located in Venezuela) and a lot of stations better than my Tecsun 660 (SWL good receiver) with less noise.I am using as an antenna inverted v cut for 40 meters,now i have not been able to listen the amateur radio in 2 meters and 70 centimeters ,i do not know how????? I will thank you for any help 73 yy4mbl

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Adding a Heatsink to The Aluminum Body

I did this, and it works great. I just used a ty-wrap to hold a heatsink on each side, and put heat sink paste between the RTL-SDR and the heat sink. used it for over an hour, and you could barely feel the heatsink was warm.

On another topic, I like using the AGC, but, when a strong signal transmits, the spectrum display jumps around, and sensitivity is lost for a second or two. It seems to work better on manual. Are there any adjustments I should make to the AGC?

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Дмитрий Юрьевич

Cильно грееться вход антенны.Что посоветуете?.планируют вообще его изменить….

Cильно грееться вход антенны.Что посоветуете?.планируют вообще его изменить.

Meteor Logger: A Tool for Counting Meteor Detections with an RTL-SDR

Thanks to Wolfgang Kaufmann for submitting news about his new software called ‘Meteor Logger’. This tool can be used to count the number of meteors entering the atmosphere which have been detected by a meteor scatter setup using an RTL-SDR or similar SDR.

Wolfgang writes about his software:

I have developed a new piece of software “Meteor Logger” to detect and log radio meteors from the digital audio stream of a PC-soundcard. It is based on Python 3. It is addressed to those meteor enthusiasts who want get the most information out of forward scattering of radio waves off meteor trails. “Meteor Logger” do not display spectrograms, it delivers an instantaneous and continuous numerical output of the detected signal with a high time resolution of about 11 ms. Thereby a radio meteor signal is not detected on the basis of an amplitude threshold but on its signature in the frequency domain. “Meteor Logger” has a built in auto notch function that may be helpful in case of a persistent strong interference line. From these data not only hourly count rates can be derived but it is also possible to easily study power profiles of meteors as well as Doppler shifts of head echoes.

As receiving front end a RTL-SDR is fine, if you strive after a very high signal resolution you may use a Funcube Dongle Pro. I employed SDR# to run the RTL-SDR. GRAVES-radar is used as transmitter. The added screenshot shows this setup together with “Meteor Logger”.

Additionally I wrote an also Python 3 based post processing software “Process Data” that allows for clearing the raw data, viewing and analysing them and exporting them in different ways (e.g. as RMOB-file for opening with “Cologramme Lab” of Pierre Terrier, see added screenshot).

Everything else you may find on my website http://www.ars-electromagnetica.de/robs/download.html

Meteor Logger
Meteor Logger

Meteor scatter works by receiving a distant but powerful transmitter via reflections off the trails of ionized air that meteors leave behind when they enter the atmosphere. Normally the transmitter would be too far away to receive, but if its able to bounce off the ionized trail in the sky it can reach far over the horizon to your receiver. Typically powerful broadcast FM radio stations, analog TV, and radar signals at around 140 MHz are used. Some amateur radio enthusiasts also use this phenomena as a long range VHF communications tool with their own transmitted signals. See the website www.livemeteors.com for a livestream of a permanently set up RTL-SDR meteor detector.

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