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Интересно, как это выглядит со спутника?…

Интересно, как это выглядит со спутника?

Noob trying to receive Meteor M2 images 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey, I posted a while back asking for troubleshooting help, but I haven't managed to shoot all of my trouble yet. I changed the frequency to the correct one (137.9MHz, unless I was wrong again), and I built one of these antennas. Unfortunately, I'm still not seeing so much as a blip on that frequency, even when the thing is pretty much dead-nuts overhead.

Any ideas? I'm not expecting to get a fantastic image with my fairly janky antenna setup, but I was hoping to at least see some trace of the signal. Any thoughts on what might be causing that interference at 138.25MHz and 137.41MHz? Does my antenna need to be mounted on my roof? It's currently inside on the top floor. Am I doing anything obviously wrong?

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Нормально. Кстати упустил такой момент, у меня старая версия R1, может они ко второй версии подтянули качество.

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Сравнивать честно говоря особо не с чем, SpyVerter R2 первый и единственный апконвертер. Работает вот так https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOt_3ulJZ7Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdHbz93fOTM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJHHmSB5Ng0

Comment on Using a TV Antenna Tap as a Directional Coupler for Antenna Measurements with an RTL-SDR by Drone

“cheap TV antenna network taps are also directional couplers”

Whoa there… That’s often NOT true. It is possible (easier & cheaper) to loosely bi-directionally couple a transmission line compared with using a a directional coupler. The coupling loss doesn’t directionally isolate the taps, but the relatively high loss works well enough as-is for isolation. There are unequal splitters of various types (lumped element, transmission line, etc.) and topology/approach (split-Wilkinson, branchline, Gysel, rat-race, etc.). Some are directional, some are not.

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Ну например, у моего несущая гетеродина уже при 2.7 дБ усиления упирается в потолок. При 19.7 появляется лес палок, как минимум на первые 3 МГц. И это даже без антенны. Как может серьезная фирма не озаботиться подавлением гетеродина? Отзывы разные, где-то на радиосканнере ему косточки перемывали. Работает нормально это понятие растяжимое, надо сравнивать.

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Я это учту)

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Подскажите пожалуйста, а что не так с SpyVerter? Взял просто недавно как раз по отзывам в интернете SpyVerter R2, работает вроде нормально с mini-whip.

Decrambling Split-Band Voice Inversion with the Deinvert Tool

In early September we posted about Oona Räisänen’s deinvert which is a tool that can be used to unscramble voice audio that has had voice inversion scrambling applied to it. Voice inversion works by scrambling the voice frequencies so that a simple eavesdropper will have trouble listening in. A special descrambling radio is required to listen in. This provides very little real security, but may be enough to stop people with cheap scanners from listening in. Oona’s deinvert tool allows us to take a scrambled audio sample recorded with an RTL-SDR or any other radio and decramble the inversion.

In her latest blog post Oona explains how her deinvert software works and how it can also be used to decode the more difficult split-band inversion technique. She also writes that at the default quality level, the deinvert software is fast enough to run in real time on a Raspberry Pi 1.

Deinverting an inverted audio signal
Deinverting an inverted audio signal

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Спасибо, про доработки RTL-SDR очень интересно!

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