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How do antennas work?

How do antennas work? submitted by /u/mantrap2
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Thanks for the cantenna guides! Cost me $0.

Thanks for the cantenna guides! Cost me $0. submitted by /u/060sec
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Receiving signals from a dorm (antenna question)

Hello, I have wanted to get into RTL-SDR for a while now but I have held off on it because i have no place for an antenna. I am in college and I live in a 3rd-floor dorm (out of 5 floors) with a window that looks directly at another dorm. I have my own room so nothing i do should bother my roommate. I was wondering if there is any kind of antenna that I could use from inside my dorm or in the small space that I have out my window. I have looked at the wiki and nothing seemed to answer this question, so i hope this doesn't bother anyone. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you guys!

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ночной «метеор м2» , Выкса 56 градусов, 19.47, airspy mini , квадрофиляр…

ночной "метеор м2" , Выкса 56 градусов, 19.47, airspy mini , квадрофиляр

Is this happening to only me?

I'm just outside with my QFH and my laptop listening to random frequencies and the Airport tower. Then all of a sudden there's 2 very loud audible beeps coming from the airport and my signals get jammed. (no image sorry) the signals look like small 1/2inchhills that fill the waterfall with noise. Happens almost every day to me. No specified time or anything.

submitted by /u/Tech2025_
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help needed with dsdcc

Im trying to decode DMR transmissions on 440.7125 Mhz with dsdcc, but its not working. I'm new to the SDR realm, so i just need help with dsdcc and the command line to decode from gqrx, lol

submitted by /u/Krypt-tokh-1
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On board BIAS-T and voltage regulator for cheap LNA SPF5189 PCB

This subreddit pointed me to a cheaply available LNA. It is however, lacking a BIAS-T and a voltage regulator. Turns out, this fits onto the board nicely: https://imgur.com/a/8CDSk And, by the way, LP2950 is good for up to 30 Volt.

submitted by /u/MaxWorm
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RTL-SDR Discussion • RTL-SDR, gnuais & rtl-ais

I'm trying to work out a way to display AIS targets on my own server or using gmaps, rather than send data to marinetraffic.com. I have a marine VHF way up in the air and get good ais signals from it using a dAISy2+ --> OPenCPN which works fine but offers no option for mapping onto a server.

GNUais can wrire to a database so data could be queried and displayed; the gnuais page http://gnuais.sourceforge.net is very useful but it appears to depend on audio input. I don't have anything I can tap for audio but I do have an RTL-SDR. I've been trying to install rtl-ais https://github.com/dgiardini/rtl-ais on a Debian virtual machine on OSX. The compile fails with this error:
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lusb-1.0

I have librtlsdr, libusb, libpthread all installed as per the above page but cannot figure out what the lusb-1.0 is. Can someone point me to a soution here?

Debiam 8
VMware virtual machine
OSX 10.11.x

Statistics: Posted by lobsterman — Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:48 pm

[Album] Results from experiments lowering noise floor with PoE RPi setup.

[Album] Results from experiments lowering noise floor with PoE RPi setup. submitted by /u/dokumentamarble
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Comment on A Solar Powered Raspberry Pi + RTL-SDR NOAA Weather Satellite Receiver by me

Not clear to me, is receiving (tracking sat, tuning sdr, saving IQ) and decoding all automated on the PI? Would be interested in seeing the workflow automated so it just dumps JPG’s to some folder throughout the day.

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