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Cable from v3 to Pantenna question

Hi, I have an active cable 5m going to my v3 dongle and would like to hook up a pantenna. I do have a fair amount of rg142 and sma male connectors but since some people use larger coax for this antenna I had a question. It seems i will have some loss with rg142 since it will be a few feet if the calculator is correct. Lmr400 tends to be slightly better but I am unable to find SMA to bare lead (25 dollar cable I would have to cut off a nicely terminated end); would that be my best option for the price or could i buy the rtl sde blog pigtail kit and make something else work just as good. Thanks.

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: zadig do not see driver for RTL2832UHIDIR

printscreen from my pc

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Disappearing Device on Win7

I am having the same issue on a Dell desktop. Dongle works on a laptop running windows 7 64 bit. I suspect there is a problem with the winusb driver, but I have not been able to replace your update it directly. I have gone so far as to install the MS driver development kit in an attempt to get a driver. Included in the tool is a program to view internal states of attached USB devices. There are a couple of internal settings that DDK flags as not proper values (am not currently at computer so this is from memory...Sorry) that might be part of the problem.

In any case, I am extremely frustrated in the inability to make this work. There's 5 computers on my desk and the two that could work won't (my Linux box just died 10 minutes ago trying to install gnuradio...). Am looking for insight where to go next. Am about to try a 64 bit install on the machine to see if this works...

Thanks for the information


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Comment on (Almost) Receiving HRPT with the ADALM-PLUTO and a WiFi Grid Antenna by R vd Meer

Nice video,i use a grid antenna for inmarsat.

Comment on Tracking Wildlife with TDOA Direction Finding and RTL-SDR Dongles by Schalk

That was one of my concerns too. When we tested it we used USB extension cables to create some distance between the RTL-SDR and the 3G dongle. It didn’t make much of a difference though.

Comment on Tracking Wildlife with TDOA Direction Finding and RTL-SDR Dongles by Schalk

You can work around reflection as long as you have a strong peak along the LOS path. Even if the signal is stronger along a secondary path than the LOS path, you can still do some filtering to extract the TOA along the LOS path. Multipath propagation along paths that are only slightly longer, such as in a city, is a problem though since it widens the correlation peak and increase the uncertainty as to exactly when the LOS signal has arrived.

Comment on Tracking Wildlife with TDOA Direction Finding and RTL-SDR Dongles by Schalk

Author here :). I never thought someone would come across this research. Thank you for the amazing rtl-sdr.com dongles that enabled this research.

BTW, we used a similar trick with reference transmitters for a low-cost correlated antenna array. That experiment is still a work in progress, but you can see some (old) initial results at http://antennaarray.co.za/. The software for that is open source as well and available at https://github.com/swkrueger/corx.

Comment on RTL-SDR Blog V.3. Dongles User Guide by Eric Faden

So if I have a LNA4ALL with the bias-t mod done, can I safely place it on the RTL SDR before enabling the Bias-T? I am trying to figure out the correct order to safely do this? I don’t want to burn anything up, but I thought I wasn’t supposed to place a bias-t enabled device on the RTLSDR before bias-t was enabled, and not to enable it without a bias-t enabled device… but this seems like a catch-22 since it is software enabled.

I used my RTL-SDR, wideband noise source, and…

I used my RTL-SDR, wideband noise source, and Spektrum, to retune a six cavity wide split band reject duplexer to notch out 162.550. After adding the RTL-SDR 88-108 Bandstop Filter, and this notch filter, I am able to hear many more signals on the aviation band, using my RTL-SDR.

Using my Poor Man's spectrum analyzer, which is an RTL-SDR and a wideband noise source, I was able to retune a cavity duplexer to notch out my local National...

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: zadig do not see driver for RTL2832UHIDIR

And when I make an installation with (NONE) Driver in ZADIG - I obtain an error message that the instalation failled.

Driver (NONE) WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385)
USB ID 0BDA 2838 00

I have also checked out other USB ports on my PC.

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