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RTL-SDR Discussion • Hot all the time

I just got my dongle a few days ago. Is it normal for it to be hot any time it's plugged in? (rtl-sdr v3,Mac,CubicSDR) I was expecting it to cool down if the it was stoped or CubicSDR was not running.

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SigID digital voice

Hi, I have just found something new in the spectrum, what I could not find in the SigID WIKI, can you please try to identify this? I had it tuned for about 5 minutes, then I started recording, after a while the signal slightly changed like some transmission has started (probably voice). Also the frequency does not match the step here, which is 12.5kHz here in the Czech Republic. Screenshot: https://puu.sh/x0IM2/6f486f4807.png Recording (28.7MB WAV, right click, save-as): https://puu.sh/x0IOU/d59c4e9b42.wav

Thank you!

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Comment on Showing what Solar Power Inverter Interference Looks Like by star

Lol, like that would do anything.

Just received my first NOAA satellite image!

Just received my first NOAA satellite image! submitted by /u/ZehRyan
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Nexus 5x w/ USB-C OTG?

On the list of problems I've been ignoring for a while, when I switched to a Nexus 5x, my RTL-SDR v3 dongle and SDRTouch combo failed to make the jump to USB-C. Having the "official" Google store USB-C OTG-ish adapter, the SDRTouch driver doesn't appear to see the dongle and I get stopped dead in my tracks.

The USB port is obviously occupied so I can't easily adb shell in to debug. Does anyone have this combination of hardware working?

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Облака сверху: те, что чуть выше Азовского моря. И они же снизу….

Облака сверху: те, что чуть выше Азовского моря. И они же снизу.

Comment on Quick Start Guide by robin

Hi, great instructions. I have a USB TV DVB-T 210 v2.0 from AugustInt. It works fine as a TV receiver with their driver and software

I wanted to see if it would works a s radio receiver too
However when I install the driver using zadig – I only see a devive called usbstick
I had removed the windows drivers and also removed the device in windows before starting

Zadig installs the new drivers ok – I get the success message
However when starting sdrsharp – and selecting RTL-SDR (USB) I get a message – no device selected

Is this because my existing dongle is not compatible ?

thanks a lot, very clear instructions and working links too


RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Why do I receive hams in the shortwave broadcast band? H

rtlsdrblog wrote:

Are you sure that your using an upconverter and not direct sampling mode? Can you send a link to the exact model that you bought? I'm a bit convfused as you say that its using an upconverter, but you are using direct sampling.

Oh, I thought that I was using an upconverter but I use direct sampling to hear hf, you can see the model on the link in the main post, I post some pictures of the pcb here too, but I thought I was using an upconverter... I couldn't be more wrong I guess.

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: SDR# AM Scratching Noise


Turn on Audio AGC for AM mode.
Where is the Switch? :o

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Comment on A Homebrew One Transistor Upconverter for the RTL-SDR by John Mills

Thanks for the comments, you have given me some ideas with your design, I’m going to try an SBL-1 with a 100MHx DIL Osc I have and see what happens, I hope I can find an SBL1-1-X in my spares box which operates to 100KHz.

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