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Comment on BeagleBone Black Image File with RTL-SDR + GNU Radio + More by Rolando Fernandez

tested on my beaglebone black and works very good.

Any way to utilize built-in FM tuner in smartphone?

I have an LG V20, which happens to have an FM SDR built into the phone. Has anyone managed to hack one of these?

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Как у кого sdrsharp принимает сигнал с инверсией? Даже если настроить плагин digital audio procesor разобрать практическ…

dimaxa213 пишет:
Как у кого sdrsharp принимает сигнал с инверсией? Даже если настроить плагин digital audio procesor разобрать практически нечего не получается. Сигнал такой тихий как будто модуляция 1кгц. звук почти ...
читать полностью...
Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #518

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Comment on Poor Mans Spectrum Analyzer with an RTL-SDR and Noise Source by Roger

I would call this a Network Analyzer not a Spectrum Analyzer function. A Spectrum Analyzer can perform such measurements in operational tests and with calibration and correction make absolute power measurements. RTL-SDR requires an external calibrator for that function.

Comment on ADALM-PLUTO SDR: Unboxing and Initial Testing by lonelysurfer

For usb support, you have to install libiio with the usb backend:

Antennas • Basic Questions About Antenna Set-Up for Shortwave

Hi all,

I'd value your advice on a few queries I have.

I have been playing with RTL-SDR for some time in the VHF and UHF range, but now I am looking for my first foray into shortwave DXing (receive only) with the Spyverter + my RTL-SDR. My goal is general scanning of shortwave, mostly between 5000khz and 15000 khz.

I am fortunate that I have a large plot of land with a few strategically placed trees, so a long wire antenna would be no problem for me.
I live out in a fairly rural area. Other than some small towns several miles away, the nearest city is about 20 miles, so there isn't that much in the way of interference. My house is surrounded by fields in my immediate area, so no neighbours to get RF interference from.

Would I be right in thinking that a half-wave dipole with a balun would generally get a better reception than an end fed wire with an unun?

If I am receiving only, would I need to have an autotuner for a wire antenna?

How do the active antennas like the boni-whip and Wellbrook compare to a half-wave dipole wire antenna? There seems to be a lot of positive reviews about these active antennas, but I'm unsure if that is mostly marketing and vogue, or whether they really are much better for general scanning than a wire antenna?


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Утренний пролет. Ямал. Бованенково…

Утренний пролет. Ямал. Бованенково

Comment on Our Review of the Airspy HF+: Compared against ColibriNANO, Airspy Mini, RSP2 by Useful Gain

They cover it with other receivers.

What are those frequencies? (UK)

What are those frequencies? (UK) submitted by /u/dev_arved
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Comment on Akos’ ADS-B Performance Comparison of 19 Different RTL-SDR Dongles by Tech Guy

There is a significant variability within the dongles of the same brand when using the R820T/2 out of spec.
This test only tells a partial truth about the samples used and should not be used for making a purchase decision.
I’d focus on more structural differences like the Z matching, cooling, filtering and extra features like direct sampling and bias-tee.

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