Off-Topic • Re: SpectrumSpy with Airspy HF+ If I recall correctly, touchstone free will do an rtl device. Theirs rtl device is called rf-viewer.

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Ferrite clip ons to reduce noise

I have a Hackrf one I use exclusively as a receiver.

I bought a 15 foot USB cable to replace the one the hackrf shipped with that has a ferrite an inch or so from the hackrf end and it seems to decrease noise. I bought 5 more clip on ferrites at an electronics shop and Im confused about where along the cable to clip them, if at all.

Should i put one at the PC end of the cable? In the middle of the cable? Does having more than one even make a difference?

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Comment on SDR# TETRA Decoder Plugin Updated by DT

All working excellently here thanks.

I too like Bobber would like to record. In what format do you type the rules?

RTL_433 for 315 MHz

Hey all. I recently got started with RTL_433 and I'm loving it so far. The only issue is that it seems to be limited to the 433-434 MHz range. Here in the US, a lot of devices operate on 315 MHz for some reason, which includes many TPMS sensors. My car has a dead recieving antenna, and I'd like to be able to read the pressure in the tires, but I have a feeling that it's TPMS transmits at 315 MHz. Is there any way to use RTL_433 on those frequencies, and if not, is there an equivalent to RTL_433 for that frequency band?

Edit: god dammit, I cannot get the italics to go away. Please ignore them

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DIY Radiosonde Helical Antenna

I made a helical antenna tuned for 1680 mhz for Radiosonde Hunting in the U.S. Pictures I used a circular piece of scrap metal for the ground plane and PVC to support the 12 AWG copper wire. Then i spray painted it black for to make it look nicer. I used this calculator to get the dimensions. I am using a E4000 nooelec radio and SPF5189Z with a 1680 mhz band pass filter. I'd like to hear any ideas you have on making it more effective!

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Meteor GIS?


I can't seem to find a download link for Meteor GIS, All the websites don't connect. Does anyone have a better download link?

Kind Regards /u/WarGamerJustice

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Comment on The Open Source OVI-40 SDR Transceiver by Arthur Ripple

Hello from Kansas, I have your OVI40 connected to the mcHF RF board D2.9.13 boot loader 4.0.0 and I love it
what will I gain up-grading tp D2.9.24 ?
Please when will your RF kit be ready?
and insight on a case for the above?
Thanks DE NS7E good in QRZ or

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Is my RTL-SDR v3 dead?

Good question; however, I did not try that. I presume it would, but I can't be certain without trying it. Luckily, I had some older restore points lying around.

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Came across this signal while scanning frequencies. Any idea what it could be? — LOUD

Came across this signal while scanning frequencies. Any idea what it could be? - LOUD submitted by /u/Orchestral_Design
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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Is my RTL-SDR v3 dead?

Will zadig.exe replace bad drivers with good ones?

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