ivanovgoga У меня питание УВЧ от отдельного блока. Отпаять вторичку (ту где меньше витков) от массы брелка? Попробую.

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ivanovgoga У меня питание УВЧ от отдельного блока. Отпаять вторичку (ту где меньше витков) от массы брелка? Попробую.
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Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #561

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Suggestions for things to listen out for?

Totally the opposite of a radio nerd, have never really played with this stuff.

Got a cheap RTL-SDR with tiny antenna, set up SDRSharp, Dump1090 and a bunch of stuff pulling their data over the network and so far found FM stations (easy, especially when my town has it's own), ADS-B data (lots of planes in my area, so that was relatively easy too!), I picked up data from my outdoor weather station sitting on 433MHz (which tallies with the data that the receiver shows me), I found a lot of ATC voice channels, etc.

What I haven't found, though, is what I expected to find - things like walkie-talkies, taxis, CB (though I know that's pretty dead nowadays, I thought I'd hear something).

I have an antenna upgrade coming (when the adaptor for it arrives in the post, anyway) - what else can I find on vertical-polarised channels, in the UK, on an RTL-SDR? How do I go about decoding/listening to the things that I do find (I was expecting a lot more voice, it seems to be a lot of data noise and not much else except on the obvious bands)?

Confident with all the software, but where can I find things that might be interesting that I can pull a decoder for without having to have huge antenna setups and perfect signal? I don't mean PAL TV, DAB radio, etc. but something more radio-y and less "just electronic data over the airwaves". Something unusual that I can't get with ordinary things in my house.

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Comment on QIRX SDR Beta Released: Improvements to DAB Scanner, Recorder and Spectra Display by Clem

Hi Jack,
Sorry if the terms are not understandable for you. On our website softsyst.com/qirx you might find the explanations you are missing. If not, please feel free to email to me: info (at) softsyst.com. I will be happy trying to answer all of your questions.

Question wiring an antenna outside with existing cable

Newby here, I have a Nooelec SDR with an SMA input. I also have a TV cable drop in the office where my PC is located. This cable drop leads to the outside wall, along the soffit of my home to the cable box on the other end of the house.

If I splice this cable and put an antenna on it, can I use a SMA male to TV cable male cable to connect to the antenna outside?

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Comment on HDSDR Version 2.75 (Stable) Released by Cato André Pettersen

What about a module for TETRA to HDSDR?

Could this be hacked into an SDR?

i recently came across this video about a WiFi enabled TV tuner available on Amazon (though it only seems to be in the UK). Could this be hacked into any sort of SDR? a WiFi connected SDR would be cool.

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Software Defined Radio | meteo

Модификация антенны«Ягифиляр»

Signal Identification Help • Re: Newbie wondering about two HF signals

Apparently the first one is... FT8?

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Comment on Othernet Dreamcatcher On Sale for Only $49 by JTC

I agree that while from an investment angle, Othernet is a risky venture, from a technological and a humanitarian perspective, it’s one worth supporting. Othernet could bring vital information to places on earth where you can’t just tether your cellphone to a laptop and check out the weather forecast or read up on current events. I personally stand to benefit from this as I spend most of my time traveling in some of the most remote areas left in the U.S. (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, etc…). I plan on installing an Othernet receiver in my travel trailer. I do wish the link was bi-directional in nature, but perhaps that will come later if this first phase of the project turns out to be a success.

KerberosSDR • Re: Integrating the RPi

The GPIO pins aren't really meant to be used at the moment, they're reserved for possible future use. If you wanted to use them now, you could use a GPIO extender to connect the Pi to the board, and that the Pi would be powered via the header. But you need a powerful 4A+ USBC supply if you want to do that.

But at the moment the intended way to connect an SBC to the KerberosSDR is via USB cables, just like you would connect it to a PC.

Statistics: Posted by rtlsdrblog — Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:27 pm

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