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Wake me when UHD runs on WSL, without the effort needed to defuse a bomb.

Troubleshooting Help • SDR# lockup issues

Have been using RTL-SDR dongles since they first came out and know the ins and outs of making them work. While I like the SDR# interface, No matter what version I use, it will work for awhile and then freeze on me. I am using Windows 10 but it does the same under earlier versions of Windows. My current dongle is the one bought from this site that has the logo stamped on it. Its not the dongle or windows but the SDR# program itself. I have tried many different versions again it makes little difference even on another PC. Can someone point me to a Windows software SDR program that is reliable but not a PITA to make work?


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BladeRF Micro and GQRX on MAC

I've been using GQRX on mac for a while and it works decently well with my HackRF one, but it has never worked with my BladeRF. I can see the BladeRF when I run "ioreg -p IOUSB"

+-o Root <class IORegistryEntry, id 0x100000100, retain 17> +-o AppleUSBXHCI Root Hub Simulation@14000000 <class AppleUSBRootHubDevice, id 0x10000034c, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (0 ms), retain 16> +-o bladeRF 2.0@14900000 <class AppleUSBDevice, id 0x10000034e, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (0 ms), retain 12> 

And I can get it to do some data when I run something like this:

osmocom_fft -a bladerf=0 -s 2500000 -f 446000000 

It will load a the gnuradio spectrum.

But no matter what I try, GRQX will not see the device in its device section. I've even tried using bladerf=0 and bladerf="serial" and nothing happens.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to get this working on my mac?

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The Invention of Frequency Modulation. (see page 11)

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Fix for Windows 10 unrecognized RTL-SDR

The Zadig driver fix doesn't work for me. It executes, replaces the driver with a WinUSB driver but Win10 still doesn't like the dongle.

Everything works fine under OSX with CubicSDR so it's not the dongle. I am trying to get it working in a Win10 laptop to get some functionality for AIS and ADS-B that isn't where I need it under OSX. That's not the dongle's fault, the 3rd party AIS and ADS-B stuff has issues under OSX so I'm trying to go a little more native for those apps.

Dongle is plugged directly into PC. Tried all USB ports. No joy.

In device manager it appears as a "Universal Serial Bus devices", RTL2832UHDIR. Current driver as fixed by Zadig is libwdi 2/10/2017 6.1.7600.16385.

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

An invalid parameter was passed to a service or function.

Neither SDR# or CubicSDR Win10 native edition can see the dongle but that makes sense since Win10 itself isn't happy with it.

A thousand reboots later and multiple driver/Zadig fixes or uninstall and reinstalls later and the dongle only works under OSX. I'm sure it's a windows issue. It's always a windows issue.

At this point I just want a driver from the manufacturer, not a "use some 4th party software to modify the 3rd party software so the 2nd party software might work under the 1st party software driver.

Is there an actual RTL-SDR driver for this dongle?

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SDRTrunk not showing all of my aliases.

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Diamond X-50A vs. QFH antenna?

Could I use a Diamond X-50A antenna for receiving ISS passes on 145.800 or would I be better off using (making) a QFH antenna to receive ARISS and audio?

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I need some newbie tips for lower frequencies.

I just got an Airspy R2 for VHF/UHF and a discovery for lower frequencies. I expected this, but I have the same issue I did with my RTLSDR. I figured it was my environment and not the stick.

My main radio computer is my desktop. It's a lot more powerful than my old netbook, but my main computer room is naturally EM noisy. I've run a crude wire antenna out of my window about 30 feet or so for things like CB and shortwave, but the interference is a big issue. Doesn't help that I'm down a hill.

I know I'm not going to always get the best reception where I am, but what can I do to improve my odds and knock out some of this interference?

Here's a pic of my spectrogram around CB frequencies.

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What are these signals and is there a way to decode these signals into something more useful(audio, video, image etc.)? The antenna i’m using is V-dipole with 52cm length and 18cm spacing at the top.

What are these signals and is there a way to decode these signals into something more useful(audio, video, image etc.)? The antenna i'm using is V-dipole with 52cm length and 18cm spacing at the top. submitted by /u/sunsisxd
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Repeating signal on SDR Touch?

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