See bush fires on NSW/QLD boarder

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Does anyone know why SatNOGS isn’t way more known and talked about in this subreddit?

For those of you trying to automate satellite captures, you really need to look into setting up a satnogs station on a raspberry pi. You can join hundreds of other ground stations and see all of their satellite captures online (waterfalls, audio, decoded wx images and telemetry data!).

I'm not affiliated with them, but it's amazing seeing what they are setting up, and the community they are building.

All I'm using is a V dipole, an fm filter, an Lna, an rtlsdr v3, and a raspberry pi. Here is my station. Click on observations to see all of my satellite captures.

Just the other day I noticed that I caught some conversation between a school and Astronauts on the ISS. Here is the actual capture if you want to listen.

Here are all of the ground stations.

Here's how to setup an omnidirectional antenna on a raspberry pi loaded with SatNOGS.

Happy Satellite Hunting!

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Proper bandwidth for METEOR M LRPT

This may be a stupid question but to my understanding LRPT broadcasts across 120khz (METEOR-M_2 appears to be), I have also read suggestions up to 150khz [] When using DDE client it's suggested to set it to 90khz for METEOR-M2_2 Assuming we're compensating for Doppler shift, is there a particular reason for this? Are they just on different bandwidths or just different user experiences? Thx ; )

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It’s here! Time to scan the ham bands!

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Lightning rods as antenna

Hi, I'm both new to this sub and to RTL-SDR, and on the face of it this probably looks like a stupid question but hear me out.

I'm pretty careful about the weather, so if there's even a chance of rain and especially storms, I always unplug all of my equipment. What I realized today is that all of that concern stems from my 123' long wire antenna which is carefully hung in my 148 year old barn close to the ceiling...about 10 feet above that is an 80' braided copper wire with three lightning rods in series on it, each about 2 feet tall.

What do you think would happen if I disconnected the lightning rods from the ground rod and used them as my new "random wire" antenna during acceptable weather?

I would continue to take the same precautions in bad weather of course, but it seems like an advantage that the 'wire' would now be outside the structure and bare copper. That said, I wonder about the 25' vertical run as well as the total of 6 feet of lightning rod at the top...I imagine some polarization issues might come up. I've actually had some pretty good results with my current setup, even pulling off some decent NOAA downloads despite the 'incorrect' antenna type for such a signal. The reason I'm asking here is when I Google search anything that includes search terms "ham" and "lightning rods", I get millions of posts about grounding and electrical safety. Before I go cutting into some really old copper connections, I thought I'd ask on here where everyone is definitely smarter and more experienced than me.

Thanks in advance!

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KerberosSDR • Re: New version of kerberosSDR app

I was unable to install the app on two of my tablets, which are running an older build of LineageOS. The Play Store app said that they're incompatible with the device.

It installed OK on a Nexus 5X phone, running a more recent revision of LineageOS.

Is there any chance of getting a build which is compatible with older devices (a lower revision of the SDK, I suppose)? These are the sorts of devices I'd probably want to have in the car for signal tracking... less to lose if they're lost/stoken/broken while out foxhunting.

Statistics: Posted by AE6EO — Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:01 am

Comment on RTL-SDR Blog V.3. Dongles User Guide by willie

tks for replying! i am using a V3 RTL-SDR (i have a couple), along with Gqrx 2.11.5 under OS X 10.14.6 … the ‘direct_samp=2’ option simply doesn’t work… crashes… Gqrx defaults to ‘other’ – no reception, etc…

what is frustrating is that it *did* work under older OS X and a previous version of Gqrx)… i have bookmarks that previously worked well… my feeling is that something changed in the underlying drivers/USB code or app?

i also tried using CocoaRTLServer Version 2.0 (2), but that doesn’t work for me (could be that i’m not configuring/setting up correctly?)

i would really like to see a step-by-step on how to set up using the current Gqrx and CocoaRTLServer under OS X Mojave – that would make the RTL dongle a real winner!

(it does work fine for broadcast FM, VHF marine, NOAA WX…)


bill, kg4zqz

Comment on RTL-SDR Blog V.3. Dongles User Guide by Joe User

willie, do you mean the app fails completely or just HF isn’t working? I’m running Gqrx 2.11.5 right now with OSX 10.14.6, although using an old non-TCXO Nooelec R820T while I wait for a RTL-SDR v3 to arrive. That dongle also works using CocoaRTLServer and SdrDx. Hope its not a fluke and the new one does still, too.

Signal Identification Help • Unknown data received in the Netherlands

This signal could also be transmitted from another country because the current atmospheric conditions and my antenna setup:


Statistics: Posted by Remon — Sun Sep 15, 2019 12:38 am

Building a QFH Antenna. Because why not 🥴

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