Suggested SDRs

So I have decided get an SDR and was thinking about getting a new he hackrf one. Is it possible to pull images from the GEOS 17 with the hackrf? If not what SDR would you recommend I get.

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relatively theory-heavy, definitely history-heavy SDR "lecture"

Due to some bad decision making, I spent the past few days making a 54-minute video on SDR, more theory-heavy than most (though nowhere near so theory-heavy as it could be), more history-heavy than 99.99%, and shallowly covering everything from hardware implementation to the Linux middleware. I then work the canonical exercise of reversing a 303MHz device (Minka-Aire fan), and programmatically generate responses. It also has phat bass. Perhaps you'll enjoy it.

I already know I'm ugly and that I should have used a better camera, so no need to repeat that. I apologize in advance for some sudden shifts in volume. I'd very much like to know of errors, oversights, or omissions, though! The referenced page on "my wiki" is:

If this is self-promotion, please delete it with my apologies.

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Как и говорил ранее 1700 выигрывает у 1361. на Екстио все лучше, особенно звук-он намного приятней и разборчивей и отобр…

ivanovgoga пишет:
Как и говорил ранее 1700 выигрывает у 1361. на Екстио все лучше, особенно звук-он намного приятней и разборчивей и отображение в дбм.
читать полностью...
Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #572

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Комментарий к записи RTL-SDR: первое включение (admin)

Тока хватает, напруга не проседает? В режиме УКВ потребление в 2 раза больше, может влиять плохой USB кабель, порт и т.д. Воткните свисток напрямую в задний USB системника, или попробуйте на другом компьютере. Также попробуйте версию шарпа v1361, новые версии бывают косячные.

Comment on Raspberry Pi 4 Released: Improvements to CPU, Networking, USB, RAM and more by Mark Tomlin

Turns out it was actually a hardware issue with the Raspberry Pi 4 that they did fix in software / firmware. Anyone who wishes to use RTL dongles with their rPi4 should do a firmware upgrade before hand.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install rpi-update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo rpi-update

Comment on Monitoring Multiple AM channels with RTL-SDR Airband by Jordan Peterson

Okay I installed Buster. This is where I am at now, when I try Step 6 I get this:

/usr/local/bin/rtl_airband -f
Illegal instruction

I have sifted through the .conf and cannot see any problems:

# Scanning mode example
# Single dongle, three frequencies, output to Icecast server and to a file.
# Settings are described in reference.conf
# Refer to
# for description of keywords and config syntax.

type = “rtlsdr”;
index = 0;
gain = 25;
correction = 1;
mode = “scan”;
freqs = ( 118.375, 119.975, 121.65 );
labels = ( “AWOS”, “Tower”, “Ground” );
outputs: (
type = “icecast”;
server = “”;
port = 80;
mountpoint = “/XXXXXXXXX”;
name = “Tower + Ground + Approach”;
genre = “ATC”;
description = “Saywer International Airport”;
username = “source”;
password = “XXXXXXXX”;
send_scan_freq_tags = false;
type = “file”;
directory = “/home/pi/recordings”;
filename_template = “TWR+GND+APP”;

Comment on Getting the RTL-SDR to work in Windows 10 by Min Thant

Are there whoever encounter with invalid parameter problem and solve?

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Multiple SDRs same Application?

If I understand you correctly you can use two separate instances of the software.
One instance for each dongle.
Selection will be random unless you rename a dongle, possible but I do not have the link right now.

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Quadratic demodulation

Hi. I'm new here so please bear with me. I'm currently learning to extract near field electromagnetic field and I need to apply quadratic demodulation on it. Is there any software that can help me achieve that?

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Comment on Buy RTL-SDR Dongles (RTL2832U) by Michael

Hi, I know it states the minimum frequency as 500kHz, but can this device be used for 433kHz signals? If so, would it require additional hardware to do so?

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